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Fill your life with fragrance®

My Story

Scensty has opened up a whole new world for me ... I have met great people and gained a new family .. I started this business because I loved the products why not earn a few extra dollars while buying something I loved ... then I saw the potential and away I went I have traveled with my team to family reunions I have learned I can step out of my comfort zone and speak to people about something I love and learn about on a daily basis .. I can do extra things with my family I can be a successful business owner

I was injured in a car accident 2015 I was unable to work. Scensty gave me the ability to work at my own pace and the hours I was able to work I was not pushed to sell I was encouraged to build my business and was given the tools and knowledge base to succeed.... best decision i ever did was have faith in my self and my team showed me i am worth it

almost 4 years and still love it !!!